About us

Dubleup is an Australian based tech business housed under Red White Blue Group Pty Ltd.

Dubleup’s focus is to lead innovation for products that people need everyday. We aim to achieve this by creating simple and beautiful designs, which will ensure ease of use and seamless integration into your everyday life.

For the past year, Dubleup has been working to create the thinnest and lightest external battery. The credit card sized power bank is designed to fit inside your purse or wallet (like a credit card) adding minimal weight. At the same time this will charge and add power to your devices, keeping you connected.

The credit card sized power bank is Dubleup’s debut into the tech world, with many more exciting and beautiful products to come.


About the Founder

For a light hearted story about the Founder of Dubleup, keep reading...

There are pivoting points and there are revelations, mine came when I discovered both the mechanism of banking and the value of good sound advice.

At a tender four years of age my father introduced me to ‘interest on savings’. His methods were unusual and unorthodox compared to the mainstream financial teachings of today. If the financial institutions discovered his methods it would surely rock the core foundations they are built on…(that’s a dad joke). His method was to borrow money from me and after a period of time repay it back at inflated interest. The objective, to encourage me to save more. During my teenage years I embarked on part-time work and continued to save. I’d ask my father where and when should I invest my money? His answer, 'your gut feeling will tell you, the right opportunity will always arise'. That left me bewildered for some time.

Whilst studying at university and working part time at Apple Inc, I managed to save enough money and embark on an International internship in London. Lance, the Managing Director of the company where I was employed, acted as my mentor and in time became my valued friend. He displayed a tough exterior, however, you always knew that your days would be enjoyable and filled with witty ‘British’ humour along with hour-long constructive conversations.

During one of our earliest conversations, Lance offered me the best advice, which swirls in my mind daily, “Start a business now, you’re young, have no mortgage, no children and nothing to lose, now is the time to take risks”. Instantly upon hearing this advice, I could feel my revelation coming on strong (just like Luke discovering he's a Jedi or Rey discovering she's a descendant of the Jedi Order). I knew exactly what my father meant when he said you'll know when the right opportunity arises by your gut feeling. This was the pivot point and revelation that would shape and spur me to start my own venture.

As an enthralled tourist in London, seeking all the hype that it offers and enduring the torturous, delightful grind of hitting the pavements to find a cafe that would offer the perfect coffee, just like the cafes back home in Melbourne, Australia, and once found, I would then sit to view the numerous photos taken during the day’s sightseeing.

These activities, or lets just say my daily ritual, provided an insight into my phone’s battery usage. By the end of a typical day set aside for exploring, my phone’s battery would take a huge hit and I’d be down to around 25% power and in desperate need of a phone charger. I tried using power banks the size of a brick, sure they worked, but the problem when dining out or taking in a show at the theatre, the brick sized power bank was just too cumbersome to carry around. What I needed was a battery that was conveniently small enough, extremely light weight, that would fit into my purse or pocket and look stylish no matter what the setting. I began my research and purchased many products to only realise that none of them met my requirements nor did they support my device. The constant let down provided a challenge for myself and in turn spurred the idea for Dubleup’s Credit Card Sized Power Bank. I wasn't going to succumb to carrying around a big, bulky and cumbersome power bank that didn't look stylish nor fit into my lifestyle. I decided to go about designing and developing a power bank that would suit my needs and fit into my purse… I guess you could say this was the light bulb moment for the inception of Dubleup!!

Pushing aside a dream of remaining in London, I decided to head back to Australia and with 3 semesters remaining to complete my University degree and with the driving force of Lance’s advice, I decided to implement a plan to complete my Commerce/Law degree and start Dubleup!

That old saying ‘life throws many things at you', is very true. If there was an app similar to ‘Fruit Ninja’ to demonstrate what I've had to slice and cut through to set up Dubleup and get it to this stage… that app would be the number one best seller! All App developers… call me!

Time spent researching, battling time zone differences, numerous emails, Skype and phone conversations, meeting the engineering team and seeing the manufacturing process I was finally able to realise my dream - from the idea of a credit card sized power bank to a working prototype.

Reflecting on what appeared to be mammoth inroads to get to this stage, nothing could prepare me for the time, energy and effort required to launch Dubleup on Kickstarter! Now having completed a successful campaign, my focus is on designing, creating and manufacturing new tech accessories for you to enjoy!!