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portable charger silver android
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Silver Power Bank for Android

Regular price $29.99

Made For: 

  • Smartphones with Micro-USB

Available in black, silver and gold, Dubleup’s power bank is not only stylish, but it is the size of a credit card meaning it will fit perfectly into your wallet or purse. The power bank is a rechargeable portable charger, providing a convenient way to power your electronic device/s on a daily basis.

If you constantly find yourself running out of power throughout the day, and forget to take a charger with you… you now have no excuse, Dubleup’s power bank will become your new best friend and lifesaver.

The power card has met worldwide safety approvals, so you can rest easy knowing that your device will charge safely when the power bank is operational.

The Design:

  • Ultra-Light and Ultra-Thin device – the size of a credit card
  • Built-in Micro-USB cable
  • Portable - made for your convenience
  • Dimensions: 86x54x5.5mm

The Battery:

  • LED power indicator displays battery level and charge status
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Capacity: 1280mAh
  • Input/output: 5v

What’s in the box:

  1. Dubleup’s Micro USB power card
  2. Micro USB to USB charging cable
  3. User Manual

The device and design has been certified by the developer to meet performance standards. Dubleup and the Dubleup logo are trademarks of Red White Blue Group Pty Ltd.