Dubleup's Power Bank meets worldwide safety approvals

Dubleup’s credit card sized power bank is smaller than a credit card so it will fit perfectly into your wallet or purse. It is a rechargeable portable battery designed for the fashion conscious and the tech savvy. 

The power bank comes in black, silver and gold and is Apple certified (MFI Tested). Meaning that the power bank will support all of Apple’s products with a lightning port. 

The power bank has also met worldwide safety approvals. This ensures that the power bank is safe to use to charge all of your iPhones, iPods and Smartphones. Further, when recharging the device you can charge it using either your laptop or wall charger, with the assurance that the device will safely charge. 

The Apple certification and worldwide safety approvals, allows Dubleup to advertise these on their power banks and packaging. This appears in the way of the following symbols:

Apple Certified:

Dubleup power bank made for Apple

Certainly – Australian and New Zealand certification :

Dubleup power bank certainly – certification

FCC – U.S.A. certification :


Dubleup power bank FCC – U.S.A. certification


RoHS – European Certification : 

Dubleup power bank RoHS – European Certification

Dubleup also sells a Micro USB to lightning adaptor, which has also been certified by Apple and has passed worldwide safety approvals. This adaptor can be used for Dubleup’s credit card sized power bank for Android to make it compatible with Apple products that use a lightning port. Alternatively, this adaptor can be used for any product that has a “female” Micro USB, which you want to then charge an Apple product with a lightning port. 

Dubleup’s credit card sized power bank is the perfect portable charger for those tech savvy, fashion conscious, businesspersons, students and those who just need additional charge. It integrates seamlessly into one’s life and ensures you are never without power.